Westcott iPoint Orbit Electric Pencil Sharpener


Item: 298140
Brand: Westcott
Model: 16732



iPoint Orbit Sharpener by Westcott has Titanium Bonded Non-Stick blades that stay sharper longer and resist buildup of standard graphite and colored pencils. This electric pencil sharpener has an auto sensor shut off that powers down when you pencil reaches a perfect point. Perfect for the Home or Office.

  • Resists the buildup from wax, graphite, and colored pencils
  • Turns the power off when the pencil reaches a perfect point
  • Allows you to see when you need to empty the shavings reservoir
  • Blades stay sharp 5x longer than conventional sharpeners


    • Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Blades
    • Auto Sensor Shut Off
    • Ex-View Shavings Reservoir
    • Perfect for lead or colored pencils
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