Venus Original Cartridges - 14 ct. + 2 Venus Embrace Cartridges


Item: 444462
Brand: Gillette
Model: 75050248

Get a close, smooth shave in just one stroke with Venus Cartridges - 14 ct. + 2 Venus Swirl Cartridges. Gillette Venus razors were designed specially for women, with contoured handles and unique pivoting heads that make it easy to use everywhere you want dramatically smooth skin. Gillette Venus cartridges are the only cartridges designed to work with Venus women's razors, featuring unique pivoting heads with lubrastrips for superior comfort. This special 14 piece pack includes 14 Venus cartridges as well as two Venus Swirl cartridges, for months of smooth skin and comfortable shaving.

What's So Special About Venus Razors and Venus Cartridges?

Razors aren't one-size-fits-all grooming tools. Razors used for facial shaving aren't necessarily designed with the rest of the body in mind. Gillette women's razors were created for use everywhere, featuring pivoting heads and lubricating strips to make shaving easier.

Gillette Venus razors were designed for even greater comfort and control, with contoured, textured handles and revolutionary blades. Three flexible contour blades, powered with Lubrastrips infused with aloe, glide effortlessly across the skin, even in those hard-to-reach places; the aloe also helps moisturize the skin, leaving it touchably soft and smooth. Protective cushions safeguard skin from nicks and cuts. Venus Swirl blades feature five contour blades for six times more control, plus a water-activated MoistureGlide™ serum for easy use while showering or bathing.

Venus women's razors are designed for effortless use with all Venus cartridges. Venus cartridges fit on any Venus handle, regardless of cartridge type. All cartridges are equipped with an Indicator Strip which changes color when it's time to change the blades.

  • Three blade smoothness Indicator Strip; the blue strip fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave
  • Lubrastrip with a touch of aloe for glide
  • Includes 14 original 3-blade Venus cartridges plus 2 Gillette Venus Swirl cartridges with 5 contour blades with 6x more flexibility; Gillette Venus razors and Gillette Venus Swirl razors sold separately
  • All Venus cartridges fit on any Gillette Venus razor handle, for added convenience


    • Any Venus cartridge fits on any Venus handle
    • 3-Blade razor cartridge gives a close, smooth shave
    • Protective custions for a great shave
    • Indicator strip that fades when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave
    • 14 Original Cartridges + 2 Swirl Cartridges
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