Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit


Item: 980082208
Brand: Turtle Wax
Model: TW-CW100

Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow-Thru Car Wash Kit includes everything you need to effectively wash your vehicle. The kit features a flow-thru pole with a telescoping handle extending up to 74 in. for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces. The 10-inch wash brush features soft, split-tip bristles that are clear coat safe, so they clean without scratching and an integrated squeegee. The foam grips provide a comfortable easy grip while cleaning. Simply connect the nozzle or flow-through pole to any standard garden hose for use. There's even a handy on/off switch, if you want to temporarily halt the water stream. The kit also includes a wheel brush, 10-inch hand held squeegee, microfiber sponge and mitt. Ideal for cleaning SUVs, motorhomes, boats, decks, windows, garage floors, patio furniture and so much more.

  • 6-piece all-in-one solution for dirt and grime
  • Soft split-tip bristles and built-in squeegee
  • Clear-coat safe
  • 43-74" flow-thru pole with on/off switch
  • Microfiber components are machine washable


    • 10" quad-head flow-through brush with integrated squegee
    • Extendable aluminum pole up to 6 ft.
    • Secure non-slip foam grips for comfortability
    • Attachable water hose connector & control valve
    • 10" short handle squeegee
    • Wheel brush
    • Microfiber sponge
    • Microfiber chenille mitt
    • Scratch-free, lint-free and streak-free
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