TriggerPoint Foam GRID Core Roller & MB1 Deep Tissue Massage Ball Combo Pack


Item: 980207486
Brand: Triggerpoint
Model: 4452

The TriggerPoint CORE solid foam roller delivers moderate compression with minimal discomfort. It's high-density EVA foam with a patented multi-density surface pattern channels blood and oxygen to muscles to break up knots and increase mobility. It's ideal for those not familiar with deep tissue self-massage or individuals recovering from injury. The combo also includes the MB1 massage ball which provides direct deep tissue compression for fast relief of aches, pains and muscle fatigue. Designed to replicate the pressure of a massage therapist's hand, the MB1 is ideal for targeting small muscles such as calves and pecs. Its EVA foam surface more effectively grips areas being addressed to release discomfort and tightness without pinching or irritating nerves. With a slip-resistant texture, the MB1 can be used on any hard surface so you roll anytime–anywhere.

  • Perfect combo for those new to rolling or recovering from an injury
  • EVA foam construction gips areas to release tightness
  • Comb breaks up knots and improves mobility


    • Used to manage minor aches and pains
    • Convenient-sized exercise ball for travel
    • Roller is constructed from high-quality foam
    • Ball and roller are easy to clean
    • Designed for repeated use and won't break down
    • Slip-resistant texture
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