Temptations Cat Treats Club Value Pack 3 lbs. (3 flavors, 1 lb. canisters)


Item: 852120
Brand: Temptations
Model: 12220

Your cat has never enjoyed variety quite like what the largest value club pack ever can provide. Each three-count value pack includes lock-and-seal canisters of Tasty Chicken, Catnip Fever and Surfer’s Delight, providing a flavor for every feline craving. You can treat as often as you’d like with these delicious low-calorie and nutritionally complete pieces. Dual texture gives your pet a delicious soft center and a crunchy outer shell that helps to support dental health. Cats will come running for a treat from this mouthwatering menu.

  • Amazing taste and unique variety your cat will love
  • Mouthwatering flavors: Tasty Chicken, Catnip Fever and Surfer's Delight
  • Delicious tender center and crunchy outside shell
  • 3 resealable canisters


    • Mouthwatering flavors: Tasty Chicken, Catnip Fever and Surfer's Delight
    • Each flavor in a 1 lb. canister
    • Amazing taste and variety your cat loves
    • Treats are 100% nutritionally complete and have no artificial flavors
    • Delicious tender center and crunchy outside shell
    • Supports feline dental health by helping control tartar
    • Perfect for anytime treating with just 2 calories per treat
    • Convenient lock-and-seal packages maintain maximum freshness
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