Sunforce Motion Activated Security Light


Item: 980129948
Brand: Sunforce
Model: 72101

Protect your home or office with a Sunforce® Motion-Activated Security Light. You can never be too careful and one of the best ways to deter criminal activity is to simply shed some light on it. Motion sensor security lights have the benefit of saving energy and money because they only turn on when they sense someone coming. This has the added benefit of scaring away any would-be burglars.

How Bright Is The Sunforce Motion-Activated Security Light?

The Sunforce Motion-Activated Security Light is made with 132 bright white LEDs for maximum brightness. This one motion activated security light puts out a total of 2,500 lumens. That's more than bright enough to light up any yard, garage, alleyway, driveway or anywhere else you might need extra security. The two lamp heads are fully adjustable as well, so you can maneuver them wherever you need them to go.

Is The Sunforce Motion-Activated Security Light Suitable For Outside?

The Sunforce Motion-Activated Security Light is made to withstand the elements. Place your motion sensor light outside with confidence, knowing it can hold up to heat, cold, rain, snow and more. This security light will continue protecting your property no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

What Is The Active Range?

This security light can detect something moving from a total of 30 ft. away and has a detection range of a full 180 degrees. If your security light is too sensitive, or not sensitive enough, it also comes with fully adjustable settings so you can increase or decrease its sensitivity, depending on what you need.

How Do I Install The Sunforce Motion-Activated Security Light?

This security light comes with Sunforce's patent-pending mounting bracket technology. This proprietary mounting system makes it so you can mount your security light almost anywhere and do it quickly and with ease.

  • Security lights ideal for entryways, garages, pathways and more
  • Innovative, patent-pending mounting bracket technology
  • Safe, easy, hassle-free installation
  • Fully weather-resistant
  • Adjustable lamp offers maximum lighting coverage


    • Adjustable lamp heads move upwards, downwards and horizontally for maximum lighting coverage
    • Dual brightness function
    • Innovative patent pending mounting bracket technology
    • Ideal for all locations: entryways, garages, pathways, sheds, and more!
    • 132 super bright LEDs
    • Dusk to dawn operation
    • Adjustable settings: time and detection distance
    • Fully weather resistant and can be mounted almost anywhere
    • Lumen output: 2500
    • Kelvins: 5000K
    • Detection distance: 30 ft
    • Detection range: 180 degrees
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