Shark ION ROBOT™ RV725 Robotic Vacuum


Item: 980140269
Brand: Shark
Model: E513420

Shark ION™ ROBOT Vacuum RV725 with Scheduling Remote will take the stress out of keeping up with the house! The simple, sleek look of this vacuum and efficient cleaning will make cleaning a joy. Shark's specially designed brushroll will capture nearly anything and clean itself so there is no need to clean a clogged brushroll. These dual sided brushes on this robot vacuum are designed to capture dust and debris in the hardest to reach places. The Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV725 with Scheduling Remote works on carpet, tile and hardwood floors for an effective clean.

How Does the Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 725 Work?

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV725 uses Smart Sensor Navigation to determine when surroundings need to be cleaned and when to navigate around obstacles. This Smart Sensor Technology means your Shark ION Robot Vacuum knows how to avoid stairs and falls. The Shark ION Robot uses an array of sensors to steer around the home and will cover different paths every time it cleans to ensure full coverage over time.

A self-cleaning brushroll can remove hair, dust and dander on its own so you don't have to worry about daily buildup. The Shark Robot vacuum will return to the dock to recharge on its own, so no need to remember to plug back in, either. This vacuum can deliver over an hour of cleaning before it will return to its dock to recharge thanks to a lithium-ION battery.

In the event that your Shark ION Robot gets stuck in a location, it will beep for 30 seconds to allow for it to be found.

Can You Schedule When to Run the Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV725 with Scheduling Remote?

Yes! Use the remote scheduling feature to set a reoccurring schedule with the easy-to-use remote. With the scheduling remote, you can send the vacuum straight to the dock when it needs to charge.

  • Prevents everyday buildup in your home by capturing short and long hair and allergens
  • Smart Sensor Navigation seamlessly navigates floors and carpets
  • Proximity sensors assess and adapt to surrounding obstacles
  • Dual spinning side brushes pull in debris from corners and edges
  • Dustbin detaches from the side for easy emptying

*Based on Dollar Sales NPD POS 6/16-7/17 Ease of a Robot.


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