Segway MiniPRO (White)


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Brand: Segway
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The Ninebot is a genuine Segway miniPRO scooter that features the top-tier technology and premier production that the Segway brand is known for. You won’t need hours of practice to ride like a pro. Precision sensors and Segway's innovative knee control bar allow you to maneuver better than ever.The 800-watt dual motor is engineered to overcome humps, slopes, and other everyday obstacles without sacrificing safety and stability. Automatic headlights, customizable LED taillights, and a strict safety test ensure that you remain safe while riding—day or night, rain or shine.The app gives you access to many features, including remote control of the miniPRO and an anti-theft function that triggers an alarm if someone moves it. With its enhanced safety features and high-performance system, the miniPRO is a durable powerhouse suited for casual riders and adventure-seekers alike.

Note: Always wear a high-quality, approved bicycle or skateboard helmet that provides protection for the front and back of the head while riding. Always make sure your helmet fits properly with the chinstrap secured at all times. The miniPRO is designed for riders ages 16 to 60 years old. The miniPRO is designed to accommodate riders weighing 80 to 220 lbs. The miniPRO is not designed to accommodate riders outside of the specified weight range.

  • Safer features
  • Higher speeds –reaches top speeds of up to 10 mph
  • Longer battery life–travel up to 14 miles on a single charge
  • Built to easily traverse a variety of terrains
  • Designed to accommodate riders weighing 80 to 220 lbs.


    • Learn to ride in minutes
    • Adapt to road obstacles
    • Reliable safety day and night
    • Anti-theft function and remote control
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Custom fit and maximum comfort
    • Water and weather-resistant
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