Royal 410dx Electronic Cash Register


Item: 980083819
Brand: Royal
Model: 89214G

If you are thinking about starting a small retail business or if you already have an established thriving retail establishment, you need to take a look at the new Royal 410DX. Keeping with the ROYAL philosophy, which is to produce high quality products at a fair price to give its customers an outstanding value, Royal has developed an electronic cash register just for you. The 410DX has been designed to bring high-end features into an entry-level cash register.  This product boasts a small footprint of only 14.25” x 13.375”, along with a small entry-level price.  But that is the only thing small about the 410DX.

This full featured register has all the elements of larger full featured cash management systems, customized to meet the demand of smaller retailer.  The full-size keyboard controls the programmable 24 department, 2000 Price Look Ups (PLUs) built-in firmware.  Take control of every transaction with a 10-clerk tracking system and automatic tax computation which allows for up to 4 tax rates including Canadian and VAT taxation.  

Your clerk can easily read the large 9-digit LCD display. A second 9-digit display is located on the rear of the unit for customer viewing.  The quiet thermal printer produces perfect alpha-numeric receipts.  A programmable detailed description of an item can accompany the price on the 2.25” receipt.  You can even set the 410DX to print duplicate receipts if needed. Reports can be generated in the “X” mid-day report or “Z” end-of-day report.  In the event of a power outage, your reports are protected by a battery back-up.

The convenient control slide switch easily directs you to the feature options.  Simply slide the bar from off to reg 1, reg 2, X, Z and prog.  Off disconnects the power to the unit.  Reg 1 sets the unit for standard operation with a printed journal receipt.  Reg 2 sets the unit for standard operation without printing a journal receipt.  The prog selection is used to set-up your customized programs for departments, PLUs, clerks, taxes and security codes.

Collecting money and making change is effortless with the large 4-bill and 4-slot removable coin tray cash drawer.  This easy-glide cash drawer is protected with a key lock (two keys included).

As you can see, the ROYAL 410DX is a full-features cash register built just for you.

The 410DX is an entry-level cash register with features found in full performance cash management systems. Your business will get a lot of use out of this full-featured, entry-level priced, electronic cash register. The small footprint makes it ideal for every small retail environment.

  • Front “clerk” LCD and rear “customer” LCD displays
  • 4-bill and removable 4-coin slot trays.
  • Quiet thermal printer
  • 4 programmable tax rates



    • 9 Digit LCD clerk display
    • Additional rear 9-digit LCD customer display
    • 24 programmable departments
    • 2000 PLUs (Price Look-Up) settings
    • 10 clerks total security system
    • Choice of journal or customer receipt printouts
    • Automatic tax computation for tax rates (Add-on, Canadian tax and VAT)
    • Up to 4 tax tables
    • Department-linked entry options that streamline and speed-up operation
    • Programmable discounts
    • Periodic management reporting system
    • Battery back-up / memory protection of records
    • Quiet, perfect print, alpha-numeric thermal printer
    • Large 2.25” thermal paper receipts
    • Standard lockable easy-glide cash drawer
    • 4-bill cash drawer slots with spring bill holders
    • 4-slot cash drawer with removable coin tray
    • 4 non-slip rubber feet
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