Monster GLO 2 Lantern Bluetooth Speaker


Item: 980094235
Brand: Monster
Model: MNGLO-S2

The GLO offers a wide field of illumination. Set the brightness level, light color, and light duration to your individual needs and specifications. Connect multiple GLO speakers via EZ-Play and you can illuminate your entire backyard, or any large area. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing a solar panel to keep your device charged and ready to play all day without extra power cords.

The GLO speaker can hang from wall mounts, cable lines, and wherever you can stably mount it with the mounting handle. With the built-in EZ Play Technology you cab configure your audio system in new ways by individually or grouping other EZ Play speakers allowing you to create the sound you want.

This device comes with EZ-Play technology allows you to wireless sync the GLO with up to 7 other compatible EZ-Play speakers. Connect up to 8 GLO 2 speakers to spread the music (and the light) across hundreds of feet of space—indoors or outdoors.

  • Supports 25W of sound and up to 10 hours of wireless battery life
  • Dual LED light panels and IPX5 water resistance
  • Choose from 4 brightness levels and multiple color modes
  • EZ-Play technology allows you to connect up to 7 additional EZ-Play speakers and stream audio up to 100' apart


    • 25W
    • NFC
    • 30 ft
    • Mounting hook
    • EZ Play Technology
    • Bluetooth
    • AUX
    • Portable battery
    • Wireless music playback
    • Mobile app
    • Weather resistant
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