Member's Mark 33 gal. Power-Guard Simple Tie Trash Bags (2 rolls of 60 ct., total 120 ct.)


Item: 154733
Brand: Member's Mark
Model: MM33WC120B

With Member's Mark™ 33 Gallon Power-Guard® Simple Tie® Trash Bags (120 ct.) on hand, you can easily tackle any chore with ease. Each bag is extra-durable and makes collecting and hauling trash a simple and mess-free task.

About Member's Mark 33 gal. Power-Guard Simple Tie Trash Bags

This box holds 120 33-gallon garbage bags that measure about two-feet and nine-inches by three-feet and two-and-a-half inches. Each bag dispenses easily using a one-by-one mechanism, so there's no need to tear along perforations or accidentally yank out more than the one bag you need. These 33-gallon trash bags feature a Simple Tie closure, so you can easily seal each bag manually without using twist ties or drawstrings. Its Power-Guard embossed design makes these 33-gallon trash bags more durable and flexible than other brands' black tall trash bags, so it's better equipped to handle bulky and irregularly-shaped garbage.

Are Member's Mark 33 Gallon Power-Guard Simple Tie Trash Bags for Home or Commercial Use?

They're great for both! Each bag fits snugly around a 33-gallon outdoor trash cannister, used by homeowners and landscapers for removing autumn leaves and other outdoor rubbish. Because they're as flexible as they are durable, these 33-gallon garbage bags make hauling trash to the curb easy. They resist tears and leaks, so no more trash spills on your hands, clothes or driveway! Member's Mark 33-gallon trash bags have also been tested for dart impact using a method created by the American Society for Testing and Materials and were found to be 75% stronger than leading brands, making them an incredible value and worthy ally for most trash needs.

  • Black 33-gallon trash bags
  • Increased tear resistance
  • Easy one-by-one dispensing
  • 75% stronger than other leading national brands


    • ​Gallon capacity: 33
    • Color: Black
    • 120 ct.
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