Maximus Craftsman Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera - Textured Black


Item: 980060448
Brand: Maximus
Model: SPL0607A1W4BKTK

The Maximus Smart Security Light is a home security solution built into an outdoor lighting fixture. The camera detects movement at your door and sends a real-time alert to your smartphone, allowing you to see and interact with visitors no matter where you are. With the Kuna app you can receive alerts, sound an alarm, view live video, and speak directly to folks at your door. Captured footage is available for up to two hours so you’ll never miss a moment. The Kuna app also allows full light control—set a schedule, automatic dusk-to-dawn, or turn the fixture on/off manually.

  • Built in camera and microphone
  • Quick 15-minute installation
  • Live video feed and 2-way audio
  • High-fidelity speaker for clear audio and alarm siren
  • PIR motion sensor for increased detection accuracy
  • Matching light without video is available (item #: 100444)


    • Photodiode for dusk-to-dawn light control
    • 720P HD camera (116 Degree diagonal FOV)
    • High-fidelity speaker
    • PIR motion sensor
    • Microphone included
    • 3-color status LED with selectable display/hide modes
    • Smartphone (tablet optional), Maximus supports all iOS devices running iOS 7 or above (iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above) and android devices supporting android 4.4 and above (kit kat)
    • 15-minute installation with no batteries
    • Built-in alarm function
    • No bulb included
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