Lumabone Durable Chews, Ride the Bacon (3 pk.)


Item: 980149560
Brand: Lumabone
Model: 00445

Make your four-legged friend happy with Lumabone® Durable Chew Toys, Bacon-Flavored (3 pk.). They're perfect for older pets, as well as puppies. These toys promote oral health and will prevent your furry companion from chewing on unwanted objects.

Why Do Dogs Love Lumabone Durable Chew Toys?

These dog chew toys are made from safe, USA-made nylon. They feature a bacon-infused design that your furry friend can't resist. Dogs love chewing and playing fetch with Lumabone Durable Chew Toys. They're also made from 100-percent real bacon.

What Other Benefits Does Lumabone Offer?

As puppies grow, teething becomes a concern for them just as it does a human child. Prevent unwanted chewing on household objects by providing puppies with these dog chew toys. Additionally, routine chewing ensures that a dog's mouth stays active, which helps prevent the buildup of tartar. While there are many chew toys on the market, Lumabone provides a comfortable, ergonomic shape that dogs of various sizes can easily hold in their mouth.

Three Fun Designs

These dog chew toys come in three different designs. The "Stick" allows you to upgrade your game of fetch and doesn't splinter like real wood. A "Dental Chew" makes oral hygiene crave-worthy for your pet by stimulating the mouth with its cleaning ridges and having a delicious bacon flavor. The "Wishbone" offers a good grip for playing with your four-legged pal.

How Durable Are Lumabone Durable Chew Toys?

These dog chew toys are specifically made from very strong nylon for exceptional durability. There's no other ingredient in them other than real bacon, ensuring that the parts don't degrade quickly. The flavor itself is infused directly into the nylon toy.

  • Dog chew toys are ideal for pets ranging from 7 to 75 lbs.
  • Wishbone-shaped toy offers an easy grip
  • Dental Chew has teeth-cleaning ridges to promote canine dental health
  • Stick upgrades your game of fetch
  • 100% real bacon flavor


    • Ergonomic Design: durable chews are cleverly designed with curves and ridges so your pup can get a good chew going
    • Real Bacon Flavor: only 100% real bacon for irresistible flavor and scent—dogs can tell the difference
    • USA Made: Proudly sourced and manufactured in the USA
    • Safety: Lumabones are not edible (made of Nylon); supervise closely and discard/replace when appropriate
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