Hue 3 Pack White Smart Bulb Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch


Item: 980170179
Brand: Philips

Smart home technology is moving in leaps and bounds. The Philips® Hue 3-Pack White Smart Bulb Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch gives you control over your home's lighting system even if you aren't at home. It is easy to set up and have your home's lighting system working in minutes.

How Do You Control the Philips Hue 3-Pack White Smart Bulb Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch?

Philips Hue 3-Pack White Smart Bulb Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch is controllable through several different methods. You can install the bulbs in your home and use the switches already installed as though they were regular light bulbs. However, with their smart technology, you have more control over them. The Hue white bulb hub allows you to control the lights with your smartphone using the Philips hue application. You can also sync your hub to your Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple Homekit and use your voice to control the lights.

The Hue app allows you to set a timer for when your lights come on and off. You can also control the lights even when you are not at home.

Does the Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Change Colors?

There are Philips wireless lights that offer different colors in their bulbs. However, this kit only has the Philips Hue White Bulb in the package. You can control the temperature of the white lights.

How Many Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Bulbs Come in the Kit?

This starter kit comes with three light bulbs. It also comes with the hub to connect your lights for remote use. The package includes a dimmer to control the lights as well. You can add more lights to the set if you choose.

What Are the Size of Philips Hue White Light Bulbs in This Kit?

Philips Hue bulbs come in a variety of sizes including standard A19 size, which is included in the kit. However, you can purchase candelabra Hue and spotlight Hue bulbs.

Do You Have to Wire the Dimmer Switch into Your Home's Wiring?

The dimmer switch included with the Philips Hue 3-pack White Smart Bulb Starter Kit doesn't have to be hardwired into your existing wiring. It is a wireless switch controlled by a replaceable battery. The remote switch gives the freedom to take it into different rooms as you need.

  • Includes three bulbs and Hue dimmer switch
  • Scheduling and security
  • Geofencing
  • Smart control


    • Can be controlled by Hue Dimmer Switch and remotely by Hue app
    • Automate lights to make it seem as though someone is home
    • Easy set up 
    • Simply screw the smart bulbs into desired location and download the Hue app to pair your bridge
    • Power lights with your voice using Google Assistant, Apple Homekit or Alexa
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