Hoover Motion Activated, Multi-Colored LED Strip Lights


Item: 980117752
Brand: Hoover
Model: H1403-130903-02

Bring a little class, style and hi-tech innovation to your room with Hoover Motion-Activated, Multi-Colored LED Strip Lights. These strip lights are small and compact enough of it virtually anywhere but still bright enough to illuminate a room. Since they are battery operated they don't need to be near a wall and there is no wiring required. Don't worry, the batteries are included in the box. Place these LED strip lights anywhere you need a little extra light or where you want to add some ambiance.

How Do The Hoover Motion Activated LED Strip Lights Work?

The beauty of motion-activated lights is that they don't need to be wired to any existing light switches and you can turn them on without fumbling around in the dark for a knob or switch. Simply wave your hand in front of the light and it will automatically turn on to whatever specification you have set. These lights run on 12 AA batteries, so you can rely on them to work even if the power goes out to the house.

What Colors Are The Hoover Multicolored Light Strip?

By default, The Hoover LED Light Strip emits regular white light. However, with the included remote control you can change that light to green, red or blue. You can also use the remote to turn motion activation on or off if you prefer. The lights also have a built-in dimmer that can be activated from the remote control as well.

How Do You Mount The Hoover LED Strip Lights?

The Hoover Multicolor Strip Light can be mounted using one of the included methods. First is the magnetic strip mounts, which are made to firmly affix the lights to any metallic magnetic surface. If there is no metal where you'd like to mount your lights you can use the included optional screw mount.

  • Hoover Motion-Activated, Multi-Colored LED Strip Lights
  • Power on and off with the wave of your hand
  • Includes remote control & 12 AA batteries
  • No wiring required
  • Magnetic and optional screw mounts available


    • 2 motion-activated, multi-colored LED strip lights
    • Motion activation operates the light with the movement of your hand
    • Lights can be set to red, green, blue or white
    • Remote controls colors, dimming, motion activation and power
    • Manual on/off push-button
    • Battery operated—no wiring required
    • 12 AA batteries included (6 per light)
    • Easy mount - removable magnetic mount or optional screw mount
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