Honeywell Dimmable 4' Ceiling/Wall LED Light


Item: 980074080
Brand: Honeywell
Model: KW145D846120

The Honeywell 4500 Lumen Dimmable LED 4' Light Fixture features a low-profile design and high-quality illumination that makes it suitable for a variety of applications and locations. Its bright light is perfect for lighting your activities in laundry rooms, garages and basements at any time of day. It also works wonderfully in kitchens where the bright light illuminates cooking and prep activities while the dimmer allows you to set the mood when it is time to eat. It can be dimmed from 10 to 100%. 

The light fixture's baseline brightness is 4800 lumens, and features 4000K natural white light temperature. Even with the 144 bright LEDs, this unit consumes only 57 watts. And with the long-lasting design of LED, you can expect this fixture to run for 50,000 hours without replacement or maintenance.

This light fixture can be mounted horizontally on a ceiling even vertically on a wall to provide light anywhere you need it. The lightweight construction makes for easy installation, while the LED technology ensures long-lasting, energy-efficient service. The plastic housing is durable and comes with a frosted lens. 

  • Energy-efficient LED light fixture
  • Consumes only 57 watts
  • Natural white light (4000K)
  • Easily installs on ceiling or wall
  • Dimmable from 10 to 100%


    • Ideal for garages, kitchens, offices, laundry rooms, workshops, and basements
    • 4800 lumens
    • 50,000 hour LED life
    • 4000K, natural white light
    • 10–100% dimmable
    • Consumes only 57 watts
    • Ceiling mountable
    • Consistent light appearance
    • Plastic construction with frosted plastic lens
    • 144 white LEDs
    • White finish
    • 5-year warranty
    • Energy Star certified 2.0
    • ETL rated
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