Gerber Knife and Tool Set


Item: 930125
Brand: Gerber Gear
Model: 31-003255

The Gerber Knife and Tool Set bundles together four everyday essentials–the Ripstop I and II frame lock clip folding knives, the Curve Pocket Tool and the indispensable, airline-friendly Shard Keychain tool.

The Ripstop II Clip Folding Knife is constructed of high-carbon stainless steel. It features a 2.9" serrated edge drop point blade and an efficient frame-lock design, plus a pocket clip for easy carry. The Ripstop I is the Ripstop II's little brother with the same minimalist frame-lock design, but with a 2.2" fine edge drop point blade. It also includes a pocket clip for easy carry. The Curve Pocket Tool crams seven tools into a compact body with fully locking outboard components. Tools include the fine edge blade, file, Phillips head driver, small and medium flat head drivers, a bottle opener, and a caribiner for convenient attachment. The Shard Keychain Tool is airline friendly and always at the ready to drive screws, strip wires, pry staples and open bottles.

  • Ripstop II clip folding knife
  • Ripstop I clip folding knife 
  • Curve pocket tool
  • Shard solid state keychain tool


    • Ripstop II clip folding knife
    • Ripstop I
    • Curve pocket tool
    • Shard keychain tool
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