Gazzilon Combo Pack


Item: 980156412
Brand: Gazillion Bubble
Model: 36485


Gazillion Bubbles has led the charge in creating premium bubble products for over a decade. Our top secret bubble solution and toys blow bigger, brighter, more colorful bubbles than any other bubble product on the market. This set includes some of our most popular bubble making toys to provide anyone with hours of bubble making fun. Use the Gazillion Hurricane to create an automatic bubble storm or use the Giant Bubble Wands to create massive awe-inspiring bubbles!

    Includes Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane battery operated bubble machine, Gazillion Bubbles Great Big Bubble Wand, Gazillion Incredibubble Wand, Gazillion Solution Dip Tray, 16 oz. bottle of Gazillion Premium Bubble Solution and bottle of Gazillion Premium Giant Bubble Solution
      Blow a bubble storm in seconds with the Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane
        Simply pour the included Gazillion Premium Bubble Solution into the reservoir, push the button, and experience a bubble hurricane in a flash
          Requires 6AA batteries; not included
            Create giant bubbles with the Gazillion Bubbles incredibubble wand
              Dip wand into specially formulated giant bubble solution and wave to make massive incredibubbles
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