Dyson Ball Total Clean Vacuum


Item: 697738
Brand: Dyson
Model: 208992-01

Live free of dust, dirt and debris with the Dyson Ball™ Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner. With Radial Root Cyclone™ technology and a reconfigured brush bar, this Dyson vacuum cleaner removes more dirt and dust from the home than ever before.

Superior Cleaning Performance

With the new redesign of the brush bar, the bristles have been made shorter and stiffer to create deeper carpet penetration for more dirt removal while maintaining superior suction on hard floors. The self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically detects hard floors and carpet to seal in suction across all floors, never allowing dust or dirt to escape.

Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly®

Radial Root Cyclone technology captures microscopic dust that most vacuums can't, earning the Dyson Ball a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The whole machine features a HEPA filtration system with a washable lifetime filter to trap allergens and dust inside the machine so they're not expelled back into the home. And with the hygienic push-button bin emptying feature, dust is trapped from the time it enters the vacuum to the time it's deposited in the trash can.

Improved Steering and Maneuverability

Since the steering rides on a ball, it makes navigating your home nearly effortless. Change direction on a dime with a simple turn of the wrist for more precise cleaning where you need it. The instant-release high-reach wand releases in one smooth action for cleaning hard-to-reach curtains, corners of ceilings and the crevices of stairs and furniture.

A Suite of Features and Attachments

It also comes with an exclusive accessory pack that includes a stiff bristle brush and a soft dusting brush with carbon fibers. The stiff bristle brush is great for cleaning coarse carpets, doormats and high-traffic areas of your home. It dislodges ground-in particles with angled brushes that release dirt directly into the vacuum's airflow and out of your carpet. It's compact, making it an excellent brush for getting into hard-to-reach areas like your car's footwell or between cushions. The soft dusting brush attachment affixes quickly to your vacuum for a gentle dusting of shelves and delicate surfaces like lighting and electronics.

  • Powerful suction on all floors: carpet, wood, vinyl and tile
  • Light and easy to maneuver with improved ball steering and attachments
  • Self-adjusting head auto-detects hard floors and carpets to seal in dirt
  • HEPA filtration system and hygienic, one-button release for trash bin
  • Includes Dyson accessory pack (valued at $59.98)


    • Lifetime support from Dyson
    • Whole-machine HEPA filtration
    • Reusable, washable lifetime filter
    • Hygienic push-button bin emptying
    • Instant hose and wand release in one smooth action
    • Rides on a ball and steers easily into difficult places
    • Radial Root Cyclone™ technology captures more dirt and microscopic dust
    • Self-adjusting cleaner head automatically adjusts to seal in suction across carpets and hard floors
    • The Dyson Ball™ vacuum pickup performance has the highest geometric average when carpet, hard floor and creviced hard floor results are combined


    • Dyson Ball Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner
    • Combination Tool
    • Stair Tool
    • Accessory pack (valued at $59.98):
      • Stiff bristle brush
      • Carbon fiber soft dusting brush
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