Copper Chef 4-Piece Deep Casserole Set


Item: 980087125

Cook the healthiest meals with no butter, oils or chemicals with this 4-Piece Deep Casserole Set from Copper Chef. Chef-grade Cerami-Tech nonstick ceramic coating means nothing sticks to the surface of this set of pans.

The innovative square pan design has deep-dish sides for more room to cook family portion-sized meals. Heat resistant up to 850°F, this set of pans goes straight into the oven from any stovetop: electric, gas, ceramic or induction. The stainless-steel induction technology distributes heat rapidly to all four corners of the pan for even cooking every time.

This set of Copper Casserole Pans does the work of a stock pot, rice cooker, baking pan, frying pan, roasting pan and wok. Its extra-large, extra-deep dimensions provide 25% more cooking space than traditional round pans.

  • Cerami-Tech nonstick coating means nothing sticks to the pan
  • Deep-dish sides give more room to cook family portion sizes
  • Great for all cooktops: electric, gas, ceramic and induction
  • Pans easily go from stovetop to oven to table


    • PTFE & PFOA free
    • Cerami-Tech nonstick coating
    • Heat resistant up to 850°F
    • Riveted handles for extra secure grip
    • Lids can be used on the stove or in the oven
    • Stainless-steel induction plate for even heat distribution
    • EZ-clean nonstick technology means nothing sticks to the pan
    • Nonstick technology lets you cook without butter, oils or chemicals
    • Matching tempered glass lids with steam-release hole and comfort handles
    • Pan helper handles are strong and oven-safe, making it easy to lift heavy dishes
    • Dishwasher safe


    • 8" casserole pan with matching lid
    • 12" casserole pan with matching lid
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