Color Scents Felttip 42ct Deluxe Set


Item: 980115742
Brand: Weveel
Model: 29385

Great for use in the classroom, at home, or at work. Multi-Scent Collection with 42 distinct colors and aromatherapy scents. Felt tip pens that write smoothly, dry quickly and won't smear. Comes with a compact storage case that can be used on your desktop or can be folded to easily fit into your desk.

  • Enjoy creative expression with vivid colors
  • Includes aromatherapy scents 
  • Compact storage case for easy storage
  • Smooth writing
  • Won't smear
  • Exclusive scent blends


    • 42 felt tip pens
    • 42 vivid colors
    • Aromatherapy scents with Essential oils
    • Compact storage case
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