All Terrain Roadside Emergency Kit


Item: 980129832
Brand: Elantrip
Model: 535488

This emergency kit is designed to keep you in control when you find yourself in a jam. The specially designed traction mats won't slip on ice, helping you get unstuck in wintry conditions. Traction mats prevent your vehicle’s tires from spinning. They can also be used as a picnic mat, cloak, raincoat, working mat, and more. The 20-foot tow strap is strong enough to pull you out of trouble, keeping a safe distance between the two vehicles. Grip gloves, a poncho, and a waterproof blanket are also included to keep you safe while you work to get yourself out of trouble.

  • All terrain roadside emergency kit
  • Never get stuck again in snow, ice sand or mud
  • Includes towing rope and snow shovel
  • Protect yourself with gloves, blanket, and poncho


    • Black, yellow, & grey
    • All terrain emergency kit
    • Heavy-duty tire traction mats
    • 20-ft. towing rope
    • Upgraded grip dot gloves
    • Detachable snow shovel
    • Waterproof blanket & poncho
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