Air Racer 2.0 Indoor/Outdoor Laser Battling Drones- 2 Pack


Item: 980213890
Brand: Propel
Model: 0

Take to the skies with the new Air Racer 2.0 Indoor/Outdoor Laser Battling Drones. The advanced infrared battling game let's you know when you're hit with vibration feedback sent to your controller. Experience high speed chases and perform 360 degree flips with the press of a button.


    • Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic chip keeps drones extremely stable in all conditions
    • Infrared laser battle mode
    • Each controller has a vibration feedback when hit
    • Multispeed settings for better maneuverability
    • Push button stunt flips
    • 2.4G radio allows for 150-feet operational range
    • 2 drones, 2 digital controllers, 2 li-poly batteries, 2 USB chargers and replacement parts
    • Ages 14+
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